Child COVID Deaths Increase

According to the Florida Department of Health Weekly, a September 3rd report states that 17 children have died from COVID since July 30th in state of FL. Meanwhile, 486 children have died COVID nationwide, as reported July 30th-Sept 8th. This is already surpassing the COVID child deaths from last by about 1.5% (335 COVID childContinue reading “Child COVID Deaths Increase”

Activities for 9/11

Never Forget! Teach kids about 9/11 using these completely FREE activities: This 9/11 activity pack includes an informative: An Brain Pop, Images of 9/11 and a story of the Forgotten Firefighter, along with comprehension questions. Good for ALL ages! Hope this helps, and plz-never forget that day! -Bell

Many Children Returning to School are Months Behind

The average American kid is 4-5 months behind, and 5-7 months if they are low-income. Since the pandemic, high schoolers are more likely to drop out and those of low-income are less likely to go to college


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